What kind of food can I pair my sake with?

Sakes can be divided into 4 types according to their flavour and fragrance.

Kunshu – 薫酒

Strong aroma and refreshing taste, usually Daiginjo or Ginjo where the rice is well polished.

Pairs well with shrimp cocktail, Italian antipasto, seafood salad, grilled lobster with herbs.

Jukushu – 熟酒

High in amino acids with strong taste and unique fragrance from aging.

Pairs well with bold tasting rich food like foie gras, blue cheese, roast duck, lamb.

Soushu – 爽酒

Clean and refreshing fresh, with a light taste like freshly brewed namazakes.

Pairs well with light and refreshing dishes such as sushi and soba noodles.

Junshu – 醇酒

With no alcohol added, Junshu has strong and deep taste and is the best type of sake with food.

Pairs well with foods are rich and buttery like cavier, roast pork and sukiyaki.